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About Us - MOVE MissoulaMove Missoula opened for business on March 7, 2011. Owned and operated by Alison Laundrie, Move Missoula is dedicated to enriching lives through movement. At its core, Move Missoula is a genuine Pilates studio teaching the principles developed by Joseph Pilates. Move Instructors are all Certified Pilates Instructors, teaching classical Pilates in Private and Semi-Private Sessions and in group Mat and Apparatus classes. Move Missoula offers group fitness classes geared to making you happier and healthier, including Pilates and MOVE Barre. Our team is continuously inspired by the healing effects of intelligent movement. We recognize that every day is different just as each client. We believe that movement taught under educated instruction and mindful intent of the client’s boundaries and expectations creates a strong body and strong mind. We work thoughtfully per day, per class hoping to inspire people to move and take a positive approach and responsibility for their overall health and well being.
Alison LaundrieAlison Laundrie
Comprehensively certified Pilates, MoveBarre and MoveGlide Instructor
Pilates Method Alliance Teacher (PMA-CPT) and Pilates Teacher Trainer

It is my passion to help each client achieve what is important to them, whether it is healing from an injury, building athletic performance strength, or just maintaining overall strength and flexibility. My approach to each client is specific and personal to their strengths and weaknesses. My favorite part is that I have the opportunity to help others find their strength. A strength that maybe they didn’t know they had. I believe that the practice of Pilates supports the physical and mental health we need to manage our daily lives successfully. I am certified by Power Pilates, the Physical Mind Institute, PiYo, Relief Through Rolling Instructor, MoveBarre and MoveGlide and certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA-CPT). I have been teaching since 1997. I worked and studied Pilates in New York with highly experienced trainers such as Bob Liekens, Susan Moran-Perich and the renowned Romana Kryzanowska for 9 years. Fortuitously, I learned from some of the best. I am a certified teacher-trainer for Classical Pilates certification programs and continuing education courses. This has given me the opportunity to travel nationally experiencing how Pilates positively transforms people’s lives and livelihood. A BFA degree in Modern Dance has given me a thorough knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy, an understanding of movement and proper alignment. I believe in Pilates and enjoy witnessing the transformations clients experience through this form of exercise. This is my life; I would love to share it with you.


Jenny PassuccioJenny Passuccio
Comprehensively certified Pilates, MoveBarre and MoveGlide Instructor
Pilates Method Alliance Teacher (PMA-CPT)

When I first started Pilates, I could feel a shift happening in my body. Even having been active my whole life, I wasn’t necessarily “in tune” with how my body was moving. Consistently practicing Pilates immediately translated to how I was moving when going about my daily life. From the moment I started, I knew someday I would teach. Three kiddos later, I teach, I continue to practice, and receive Pilates in my own body. Both Pilates and Move Barre have helped me throughout my pregnancies and with recovering and maintaining my physical and mental health. Through the years, I have Comprehensive Certification through Power Pilates with Alison and am also certified through Pilates Method Alliance. I continue to be mentored and inspired daily, not only in teaching, but in my own practice as well. As a working mother, I strive to maintain a health/work/life balance. I’m excited to help you find your balance and help you discover what amazing things your body can do through mindful movement!

Jenny is Comprehensively Certified with Power Pilates and is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher(PMA-CPT). She is certified with Move Missoula for Move Barre and MoveGlide.


Cassandra da'Luz Vieira-ManionCassandra da’Luz Vieira-Manion
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Comprehensive Pilates Apprentice, MoveBarre and MoveGlide Instructor

I was born and raised in Oxford, England where my mother ran her own Acupuncture clinic. As a result my life has always been in an environment where health was a major theme. It was my great fortune to be introduced to the practice of Pilates and find Move Missoula. From the very start I realized that Pilates had done more for me than improve my health; it was the work I had been seeking in the health field. After moving through several states including Kansas, California and Idaho, my husband, our son and I decided to settle in Missoula in 2012. When I’m not instructing, I love cooking, all things food and nutrition, reading, movies, hanging with family and friends, traveling and learning endless new ways to enjoy life. I am Mat certified through Beacon Pilates, certified in both MoveBarre and MoveGlide and am currently completing my 600 hour Comprehensive Certification. I love how these forms of exercise have nurtured and healed my body, changing my body in the most wonderful ways. I look forward to helping more people experience the benefits of Pilates through fun, challenging and lighthearted workouts.


Kristin King-RiesKristin King-Ries
Certified Mat Pilates, Beginner Apparatus Instructor and Comprehensive Pilates Apprentice

My first experience with Pilates was with a physical therapist while healing from a back injury. The yoga I had been practicing for over a decade just seemed to exacerbate my problem. I set up an appointment with Alison since the pain was so bad I couldn’t work, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t think straight. I started on a light course of Pilates twice a week. At first I had trouble believing that such small, precise movements would be effective. But I began to feel better almost immediately. Soon my back was healed and I was able to incorporate larger movements into my practice, giving me an excellent workout. I am hooked! I feel lucky to train under Alison, whose rigorous work ethic, playful creativity, attention to detail, and deep knowledge of the human body has helped countless clients achieve a high level of health and fitness. My goal as an instructor is to share the life-long benefits of Pilates with my clients. I tailor each workout to meet your individual needs. I strive to pass on Joseph Pilates’ principles of concentration, control, centering, breath, flow and precision. It is these principles that you can take with you into your day to keep you moving with strength, breath and sense of sound mind and body.


Miranda HickoxMiranda Hickox
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Comprehensive Pilates Apprentice, MoveBarre and MoveGlide Instructor

I have been interested in health and fitness my whole life, but never knew how to foster those interests. Growing up in Boston, I was never an accomplished athlete or dancer, and always felt a little disconnected from what was happening in my body. After trying a sweaty hot yoga class in college, something clicked for me. I had a new found friendship–with my own body! My fascination with the mind-body connection eventually led me to try Pilates and Barre, which brought me to Move Missoula. Practicing Pilates and MoveBarre has not only improved my posture and chronic knee issues, but also greatly improved my overall health and happiness. I teach because I love it. I want to share this passion with other people.

Miranda is certified in Beginner and Intermediate Mat Pilates, MoveBarre and MoveGlide. She is currently working on completing her Classical Pilates Comprehensive training.


Jenna WicksJenna Wicks
Comprehensively Certified Pilates, MoveBarre, and MoveGlide Instructor

I grew up in the Missoula way: dancing, skiing, snowboarding, running and hiking. After finishing up my BA in Dance at the University of Washington, I taught at a private school and was assistant director to the resident dance company for 5 years. I started feeling all this activity in my body in my early thirties and started searching out ways to heal. Pilates and MoveBarre were my answer. I had only dabbled in it before finding Alison at Move Missoula. Since regularly studying and taking class I feel my body is stronger than it has ever been. I see this work help so many bodies with all types of issues. I am so excited to share the beauty of this method so I can help others challenge themselves and find their own strength.

Jenna is Comprehensively Certified with Beacon Pilates and certified by Move Missoula in MoveBarre and MoveGlide.


Stephanie BooneStephanie Boone
Certified Pilates Mat and MoveBarre Instructor

Stephanie Boone was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. After closing her eyes and pointing in a four year college book, she landed on The University of Montana and made her way to Missoula where she found her true love for fitness. Since arriving in Missoula in 2002, Steph has co-founded The Girls Way of Missoula, received certifications in ACE Group fitness, ACE Personal Training, RevMaster Cycling, Zumba, Power Pilates, Tabatta and MoveBarre! Steph loves spending time with her husband, 2 year old son, and of course, working out!


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