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MOVE Barre focuses on alignment, core stability and controlled Pilates movements combined with an intense upper and lower body workout.

MOVE Barre integrates cardio, plyometrics, weights and resistance bands in a choreographed sequence designed to challenge arm strength, core strength and overall balance.  Using a Ballet Barre, we go through a series of squat-like movements designed to sculpt every muscle in your legs and derrière.  Come prepared to be challenged and invigorated!  Discover muscles you thought you never had!

Each class is designed to take on multilevel clients.  Exercises can be modified or amplified to fit all clients at any level or age. Each client is encouraged to work at their own personal level of muscle fatigue.

Whether you are new to fitness or a professional athlete, this class will transform your body!

If you are new to Barre, we offer a discounted rate of $175 for 3 Pilates Private Sessions, 2 Mat Basics Classes and 2 Barre Basics Classes.  In the 3 Pilates Privates, we will explore the Pilates concepts and vocabulary that are essential in Barre classes.  In the Mat Basics and Barre Basics classes, you will learn how to adapt any Pilates or Barre exercise to meet your personal needs, thus keeping yourself safe and challenged in group class.  This is the best way to get the most fun and results from your MOVE Barre classes!

Move’s multilevel Barre class!

Barre Basics
Learn the basics of our Barre workout.  Inspired by ballet and Pilates, we use simple eccentric movements to elongate muscles and transform your body.  In Barre Basics you learn proper form and technique, breakdown choreography and build stamina for progressing into our multilevel classes.  Good form helps you capitalize on your workout!

Barre Burn
This Class will push the boundaries of exhaustion!  Using more dynamic choreography with very little recovery time, be ready to MOVE more and rest LESS!


Drop-In                              $12
10 Classes                          $100
1 Month Unlimited          $95
3 Month Unlimited          $270