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Move Missoula is a traditional Pilates studio based upon the methods of Joseph Pilates.  Developed in the 1920’s, Pilates is a form of exercise that encompasses more than 500 exercises of controlled, precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen the body’s muscles while improving stability and stamina in the body.  Pilates teaches you to focus your mind as you exercise your body improving coordination, body awareness, efficiency of movement, and overall alignment.

Pilates is practiced in a Private or Semi-Private Session or in a Group Class.  To schedule a Pilates Session or register for a Group Class schedule online or by calling the studio, 830.3053.  New clients are encouraged to try our New Client Offer!

PRIVATES  A one hour long session encompassing all aspects of the Pilates method. The client will be introduced to their body’s strengths and weaknesses through the use of the reformer, mat, cadillac and the high chair.
Single Session                    $65
Package of 5                       $300
Package of 10                    $575

DUETS  A one hour session where two clients work together at the same level to find their own personal strengths and weaknesses through the use of the reformer, mat, cadillac, high chair, tower, magic circle and wunda chair.
Single Session                    $45
Package of 5                       $200
Package of 10                    $375

SEMI-PRIVATES  An hour long session where the hour is shared with 2 to 3 other clients (a max total of 4 clients in the hour). The clients will be challenged at their own appropriate level. The client should be familiar with the basics of the pilates system and the safety precautions. All approaches and equipment will be incorporated.
Single Session                    $45
Package of 5                       $200
Package of 10                    $375

INTRO PACKAGE   If you are new to Move Missoula, we offer a discounted rate of $145 for 3 Private Sessions and 1 Mat Basics Class.  We offer this discount to you because we want you to get the most out of your Pilates instruction.  In three Private Sessions, you will gain introductory knowledge about yourself, Pilates and Move Missoula.  This will allow you to decide your next step whether it be Privates, Duets, Semis or Group Classes.
3 Privates + 1 Mat Basics Class     $145



Open Mat
Pilates mat work is designed to challenge your strength, stamina, stability and flexibility using your body’s weight as resistance.  Connecting your mind and body with precise movements you will leave taller and longer.  Class is open to all levels.  It is important that the client feels comfortable and knows their body’s limitations.

Mat Mix-Up
Mix-up your Pilates mat routine by integrating props like weights, magic circles, foam rollers, physioballs, resistance bands and more!

Mat w/ Tower
A 45 minute class incorporating Pilates equipment work and mat work. The wall/tower apparatus consists of leg springs, arm springs, roll back bar, push thru bar, etc.  This is a great class for those wanting to play with all aspects of Pilates!  Space is limited; please reserve your spot in advance!

An hour long Pilates class integrating apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chairs) and mat work for a comprehensive Pilates workout.  The client should be comfortable and familiar with the equipment. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. 

Prenatal Pilates
Find your Mama Bear strength!  In Prenatal Pilates, we move gently and mindfully on the reformers, towers and mats. We focus on building the strength, flexibility, and stamina needed for the duration of pregnancy as well as for the labor!  Keeping the body moving is so important for the mother’s health as well as for the growing baby.  We are careful to keep positions moving so as to not stay on the back for long periods of time.  We also focus on sculpting arm and leg work!  This is a great class for those who are pregnant or post -pregnancy! (minimum of 6 weeks post). If Pilates is new for you, please call the studio before joining this class.  Check with the studio for current class times.

Group Class Rates

Drop-In                              $12
10 Classes                          $100
1 Month Unlimited          $95
3 Month Unlimited          $270

Drop-In                              $25
5 package                           $115
10 Classes                          $230
Monthly Member            +$13/class